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Guide to Hire the Best Immigration Lawyer for Going Canada

Canada over the past 2 decades has bagged the title for being the dream destination to millions of international candidates. People from all quarters of the globe come to this country to establish their careers. Thanks to the increase in the acceptance rate of Canadian universities and growing job opportunities.

For these two main factors, people are no more shying away from leaving their native lands. Moreover, the process of immigration has been easier than ever before. A skilled and professional immigration lawyer with proper guidance can pilot his clients in the right direction.

Are you planning to try your luck in Canada? If so, hire the best immigration lawyer in order to have a successful application without any unnecessary delays. However, to achieve this feat, you first need to have a good lawyer.

If your lawyer is incompetent, your dream of establishing into Canada can be shattered in no time. Moreover, unintentional unlawful activities can also land you in legal trouble.

Fret not! This article will help you with all the details & tips to hire a professional lawyer with ease.

immigration lawyer

Ask for Credentials

Before finalizing an immigration lawyer, you must ask for his credentials. According to the rule, one has to have completed a law program ranging between 2 to 4 years in Canada. After completion of their degree, they must take the following evaluating steps before becoming eligible to practice in private or public:

  1. Full period of articling
  2. Bar admission course
  3. Bar exam

If a lawyer fails to meet all these requirements mentioned above, reject him right away. Credentials are the sure shot way to identify the professionals from that of unprofessional ones.

Trust word of mouth

Secondly, you can also rely on word of mouth in case of hiring a good lawyer for immigration. Ask for your friends or relatives or even coworkers who have earlier worked with a lawyer to get into Canada. In fact, 35% of the successful candidates get their lawyers via referrals. This can also get you some discount in some cases.

Look for Experience

Experience matters in the truest sense when it comes to choosing a lawyer, especially for immigration. The entire process is filled up with several rules and regulations. Only an experienced lawyer can have the capability to get you through a successful immigration process.

Usually, it is always advisable to opt for a lawyer who has experience over 10 years at a stretch. This is because they will also be familiar with any sort of change related to immigration. So, as an applicant, you need not take all such hassles.

Consider the Costing

Never shy away from asking the budget of the lawyer. Generally, the lawyers will charge based on hours. This is perhaps an affordable way as you only need to pay for the number of hours you spend with the lawyer. However, make sure to ask a detailed breakdown of the payment. You should also ask him the mode of payment he prefers. Not to mention, before you ink any deal, read between the lines to understand any hidden fees or charges.

Opt for a Representative

If you are working in association with a law firm, make sure to look for your representative. An estimable firm will never hide their lawyers. After meeting the representative, don’t feel embarrassed to ask the same questions which you earlier questioned the firm. Always have a cordial relationship with your representative in order to avoid any stringent rules.

Read the Reviews and Testimonials

Lastly, give a thorough read to the reviews & testimonials given by the earlier clients before deciding on an immigration lawyer. This user-generated content will give a comprehensible knowledge about the streamlined lawyers and make a smart decisive move.

That’s all in a nutshell. Consider all these tips mentioned above and do a little research to appoint a leading immigration lawyer.

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