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Employment Status Options in Canada for Immigrants

By January 11, 2023 July 3rd, 2024 No Comments

Moving to Canada is an exciting journey, one that comes with a lot of highs and lows – but part of this journey is making sure that you take the best decisions when it comes to your legal status, from your residency situation to your temporary resident visa. Currently, there are various forms of employment status options in Canada and, together with your Toronto immigration lawyer, you are free to choose the one that suits your needs best.

Being an Employee

Having the status of an employee means that you work either full or part time in an institution and that you, through your employer, pay taxes, as well as report all our income and deductions. Make sure that your Toronto immigration lawyer presents you the entire range of rights and obligations you have as an employee, including the right to paid vacations and statutory holidays.

Being an Independent Contractor

Your Toronto immigration lawyer will bring to your knowledge that, besides the employee status in Canada, you can also opt for an independent contractor status – and this option comes with two possibilities. Firstly, you can choose a sole independent contractor, which means that you are not actually a legal entity in the eyes of the law, yet you are held responsible for your actions as an individual. Being the only owner of your business, you do need a license to function and a registration, but you are also the one who is responsible for your taxes and all the financing, as well as all your debts and loans.

The second option is to become an incorporated independent contractor, which basically means that you are a separate legal entity working within a corporation. In this case, you are the one who has to remit your deductions and you do not benefit from paid vacation and holiday time. Given all these options, a Toronto immigration lawyer is the right choice when it comes to helping you sort out the rights and obligations you have in each case.

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