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Business Visa

The Business Immigration Visa – What You Need to Know

By January 12, 2023 July 3rd, 2024 No Comments

There are various programs and options out there when it comes to immigrating to Canada and one of them is the popular business visa. If you are on the lookout for a way to relocate to Canada and you are looking forward to starting up a company, then the first step you may want to consider is contacting a Toronto immigration lawyer.

The Canadian government is always interested in supporting individuals who have a goal of integrating and benefiting the Canadian economy – be it the case of immigrants who desire to start their own businesses on the Canadian territory or individuals looking for investment opportunities. A Toronto immigration lawyer will be fully aware of the viable options for business immigration service and will guide you to applying either for a start-up visa or for a self-employed status.

In order to be eligible for a start-up visa, you must prove that you have the support of a Canadian investor – but that is not all. As any Toronto immigration lawyer would tell you, you must speak either English or French at advanced levels, as well as show that you have the means to support yourself before launching your new business. Moreover, any start-up visa applicant will be requested to provide a document attesting post-secondary education with the duration of at least one year.

A Toronto immigration lawyer will help you figure out whether a self-employed status would be beneficial and easier to obtain than a business visa in your case. There are several criteria you must meet in this case as well: firstly, you need to prove that you can make a valuable contribution to the artistic or sportive life in Canada, or, if you are interested in a rural lifestyle, you must be experienced in farm management and document your intentions of purchasing a farm in Canada. To book your consultation now, call or email now or fill in the form on the contact page!