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Best PNP Programs After Covid-19

By June 15, 2020 September 16th, 2022 No Comments

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on foreign nationals living outside their country. Just look at the state of immigration in the U.S. and Donald Trump’s administration’s efforts to evict students and H1-B workers from the country.

Happily, Covid-19 has not dampened Canada’s spirit to invite qualified candidates to the country. Naturally, there is a delay coming to Canada itself because of travel restrictions, but the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs are accepting fresh intake.

PNPs are more important pathways to entry than ever before and you should be looking for programs that suit your education and experience. Here’s the latest update (as of early July 2020) on the state of PNPs in Canada.

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Alberta – The province conducted a draw in June inviting 187 Express Entry candidates with 303 the lowest CRS score. The program is accepting applications during Covid-19 as well. Unfortunately, the AINP will reduce its quotas by about 30% due to the economic impact of Covid-19.

British Columbia – The Tech Pilot PNP continues to send out invites, seeing 57 invitations to apply. The other three streams are seeing significant activity too, with 314 candidates sent invitations to apply.

Ontario – Though most programs in Ontario went on ‘lockdown’ themselves, the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream has reopened. 13 new occupations have been added to the stream as well.

Manitoba – The province sent out 125 invitations to apply, including to 10 Express Entry candidates. Since all three streams are open, it is a good option to apply through.

Prince Edward Island – The Labour and Express Entry draws are still seeing invites being sent. 90 invites have been sent under these draws and another 20 under Business Work Permit Entrepreneur.

Saskatchewan – The province has taken special steps to help PNP candidates who have been affected by Covid-19.


Which is the best PNP during Covid-19

Speak to Toronto immigration lawyer about which PNP is right for you. The constantly evolving situation because of Covid-19 means programs are changing every day. Make sure you have the latest news on a program you have chosen/applied for.