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Adjusting to the Canadian life: A guide for new immigrants

The decision of moving to a new country across continents is a big one and comes along with a lot of baggage. As a newcomer in Canada, you will find many significant cultural differences between your own country and the new country where you are about to start a new life. In order to be able to settle in well into a new country, the smartest thing to do is to learn about the Canadian culture and adapt to it so you can escape uncomfortable situations. Doing so will make you feel more confident and happy about your decision to move across the globe. Take a look at some of our advice on how you can get used to the Canadian culture:

Research and read about Canada before your big move: It is important you read as much as you can about the new country prior to your move. Prepare yourself emotionally and get acquainted with the Canadian culture. Learn the local Canadian jargons and popular terms by following the pop culture on this side of the world, read Canadian news sites, watch movies and TV series and listen to podcasts. Continue to read, watch and follow the Canadian resources even after you have arrived in Canada. Once you are in the new country subscribe to some Canadian magazines and newspapers. This will help you gain more familiarity with your new surroundings.

Participate in different groups created by new immigrants and Canadians: It is always wise to get to meet and know other people who are planning a move just like yourself or some others who have already moved to Canada before you. Connect with newcomers from across the world. Every immigrant goes through the same process of acclimatization. You can learn from each other and lend support to one another. Take part in group chats, networking meets and community gatherings to get to know local people and get used to the new environment.

Learn about Canadian holidays: Learning about Canadian holidays and celebrating them will make you feel at home and will enable you to fit in well and become accustomed to your new home.

Try volunteering: Participating in projects and events to assist others without any payment may not be something that might be of any interest to you. However, volunteering will open doors for you to meet new people from various cultures and backgrounds, and allow you to adapt quickly into the Canadian way of life. According to records, approximately 47 percent of Canadians volunteer in some capacity as it adds value to your profile and benefits you to get Canadian job experience.

Join language classes: Canada has two official languages, French or English. It is valuable and is considered an asset to know these two languages. This will make communication simpler and make it easier to call a new country your home. Register into classes to learn and master these languages. You can also practice writing, reading and speaking the new language smoothly.

Develop interest in some popular local sports: Try and pick up local Canadian hobbies and sports such as hiking, skiing, working out in the gym, ice hockey, basketball and so on. You don’t necessarily have to start playing basketball and ice hockey but if you gain an understanding and develop some interest, it will help you in starting conversations and making a new circle of friends.

So, are you all set for your big move to Canada?

One of the most amazing things about Canada is that it is a beautiful potpourri of cultures from around the world. You don’t have to let go of your own culture when you arrive in this country but you can find new cultures to celebrate too.

If you have made the decision to immigrate to Canada, Immigration lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld can assist you and offer you guidance in applying for the Federal Skilled Workers Program or to seek other lawful ways to immigrate to Canada.

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Immigrants Fleeing Trump’s Nation With Hope

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New Data Shows Nearly 25% of Canadian Workers are Immigrants

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Effective Oct. 24: Age of Dependent Children Raises to Under 22 Years of Age

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How Increasing Canadian Immigration Levels will Benefit the Labour Market

The Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration has announced its 2018 annual immigration plan, which sets targets for the number of people who can immigrate to Canada next year. The annual immigration plan includes changes to some aspects of Express Entry, promotes collaboration with provincial and territorial governments about their immigration needs, and establishes priorities… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Express Entry Document Checklist

In 2015, Canada launched a new application tool, called Express Entry, to make it easier for skilled workers to obtain legal permanent residence. Express Entry is an online system which allows those who want to immigrate to Canada to fill out a profile listing their age, language skills, job qualifications, education, language abilities and more.… Continue Reading

Trump Ending DACA Could Lead to Increase of ‘Dreamers’ in Canada

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