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Sponsoring your family to Canada in [2019]

Post updated on July 2019.

If you are a Canadian person or a permanent citizen of Canada, age 18 or over, you could sponsor certain member of the family to become Canadian long-term citizens. If you end up being a permanent citizen, you can live, research as well as work in Canada. If you sponsor your relative to become a permanent resident, you are responsible for sustaining your relative monetarily when she or he arrives. Always consult Immigration way lawyer Toronto before applying for sponsorship immigration in Canada. To be a sponsor:

You have to be 18 years old or older.

  • You and also the funded family member must authorize a sponsorship agreement that devotes you to provide financial support for your family member, if required. This agreement also states the individual coming to be a permanent resident will strive to support her or himself.
  • You must offer financial backing for a spouse, common-law or conjugal companion for 3 years from the date they become a long-term resident.
  • You must provide financial backing for a dependent child for Ten Years, or until the child becomes 25, whichever precedes.

You can sponsor:

  • Spouse – (constraints apply)
  • Common Law companion – (constraints apply)
  • Conjugal companion – (constraints apply)
  • Reliant children
  • parents – (Extra conditions apply)
  • grandparents – (Additional conditions apply)
  • brothers or sis, nephews or nieces, granddaughters or grandsons that are orphaned, under 18 years old as well as not married or in a common-law relationship
  • One more relative of any age or connection yet just under specific conditions
  • Accompanying relatives of the above (as an example, partner, companion and also reliant youngsters

Spouse – You are a spouse if you are married to your sponsor and your marriage is lawfully valid.

Common-law companion – You are a common-law partner, either of the opposite sex or exact same sex, if: you have actually been cohabiting in a conjugal partnership for at least one year in a constant 12-month duration that was not cut off. You will need evidence that you as well as your common-law companion have integrated your events and also set up a household.

Conjugal companion – This category is for partners, either of the other sex or same sex, in remarkable circumstances past their control that avoid them from cohabiting as a result cannot qualifying as common-law partners or spouses.

Dependent youngsters – A son or daughter is dependent when the child

  • is under the age of 19 and also does not have a spouse or common-law companion
  • more than the age of 19 and depended substantially on the financial support of a parent because before the age of 19 as a result of a physical or psychological condition

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