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Sponsorship Immigration

How long does a Spousal Sponsorship application take?

By October 5, 2022 No Comments

Usually, the process of Spousal Sponsorship Canada takes time. However, people who are seeking to sponsor their foreign spouses to immigrate to the U.S now need not be disheartened. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) understands how crucial it is for families to stay together in Canada. That’s why requests for spousal sponsorship are given high consideration.

Making sure families are reunited in Canada is one of the goals of the Canadian government. The spouse sponsorship program is the family class immigration stream with the highest demand. 80% of applications for cases inside and outside Canada have recently shortened the processing period from 26 to 12 months.

To become a permanent resident of Canada, the applicant (person being sponsored) must arrive in the country before the temporary visa’s expiration date.

If you want to apply for the spouse sponsorship Canada program inside Canada, you must first apply for it, and then it will be processed thoroughly. After it is accepted, the applicant’s status will shift from temporary to permanent. In addition, Canadian residents and their spouse’s sponsors can apply for an Open-Work Permit while they still live in Canada.

What is the processing time for sponsoring a spouse or partner to move to Canada?

On average, the processing time for a spouse visa varies from three to five months. Depending on their priority date, if you are a permanent resident, you may have to wait until your spouse’s visa becomes available. The processing time will also vary based on your case’s complexity and your spouse’s residing country. Then the entire process of processing a sponsorship application can take around a year. Your case will be delayed and take longer to process if it is complicated or the visa office needs further evidence of your relationship. Hence it is advised you provide all the required details or information at the time of applying. 

What paperwork is needed to apply for a spouse visa to Canada?

To fasten the processing time and avoid any lacking of documentation, I have mentioned the list of paperwork needed to apply for a Canadian spouse visa as follows:

Relationship Evidence: You must give evidence of your relationship to the person sponsoring you if you apply for this visa.

Translation Records: You must provide certified translations if your documents are not in French or English.

Police Verification: You must submit the police clearance from the nation where you now reside as an applicant. Only respond when requested.

Medical Examination: The applicants are given guidelines on how to submit the medical exams rather than having to present them with their first application.

Passport-Size Photographs: When applying for this particular visa, you must submit two photographs of your family member(s) traveling with you.

Country Documentation List: Check your country’s requirements first, then submit the necessary documentation following them.

Canadian Spouse Visa

The partner’s immigration status will be changed to Canadian permanent residence if Immigration Canada approves the spousal sponsorship application. The partner will only become a permanent resident of Canada if they enter the country, even if they are living abroad, when the application is submitted. Then Canadian immigration authorities will grant your Sponsor Spouse Canada visa. 

Changes in Spouse Immigration Canada 2022

Several significant modifications to the family sponsorship immigration procedure have been made public by Canada’s Liberal government.

Changes in Spousal Sponsorship:

  • More immediate processing times
  • A single application for citizens
  • Easy association inspection
  • No need for medical examination
  • Police verification of residing countries

With these modifications, sponsoring a spouse for immigration to Canada is more effective than ever. In addition, as part of its commitment to family reunification, the Government of Canada is now approving more Canadian sponsorship applications and cutting back on processing timelines.

Where Can I Find a Licensed Immigration Lawyer?

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