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How to Work in Canada while Waiting for Spousal Sponsorship to be Approved?

By January 20, 2024 February 22nd, 2024 No Comments

As a haven offering numerous avenues for an enhanced quality of life, Canada remains a compelling destination for those wanting to pursue an enhanced lifestyle. There are many people who aspire to start a new chapter in their lives in this beautiful country. Applying for spousal sponsorship is an excellent place to start. The wait for the same to be approved can be stressful and frustrating for individuals. As their application for spousal sponsorship is being considered, many people look for employment to ease their financial burdens.

What Does Spousal Sponsorship Entail?

The spousal sponsorship program enables citizens or permanent residents of Canada to apply for their spouses or common-law partners to achieve the same status in Canada. It should be noted that the applicant’s immigration status may not change during the processing period for spousal sponsorship applications, which often varies. This makes it vital for them to consider other possibilities, such as obtaining a work permit, in order to seek employment in Canada while they wait for approval. 

Understanding the Spousal Sponsorship Process

Before looking at employment opportunities, one must fully understand the Canadian spousal sponsorship procedure. In order to acquire the status of a permanent resident under this program, one must be sponsored by their spouse, who is an existing Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The entire process of authorization can prove quite taxing for applicants as it may take several months to complete. Nonetheless, it is essential to use this time wisely by looking at employment options and contributing to the regional economy.

Outland Spousal Sponsorships 

Typically, applications to sponsor a spouse are filed while the Canadian sponsor resides in Canada and the sponsored individual (foreign spouse) resides overseas. The visa office of the nation where the foreign spouse resides often handles these applications. This kind of application does not allow for the issue of an open work permit for a spouse or partner since the foreign spouse will probably stay in the foreign nation while the application is being processed.

Inland Spousal Sponsorships

A foreign spouse who is residing in Canada under a temporary legal status, such as a guest visa, may be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident under this category of the sponsorship procedure. The candidate and their Canadian spouse may reside in Canada while the sponsorship application is being processed. Applications of this kind are submitted to and handled in Canada.

While the sponsorship application is being handled, a foreign spouse who has applied for inland spousal sponsorship and permanent residency may simultaneously apply for an Open Work Permit. While residing in Canada and awaiting a final sponsorship decision, this permits the foreign spouse to work for any Canadian employer.

Open Work Permit — The Eligibility Criteria

An open work permit is an important document that enables its bearer to work in Canada for any company for a set amount of time. To be qualified to submit an application for an open work permit, the candidate has to:

  • Be present in Canada with a valid temporary residence status (such as a work permit, study permit, tourist visa, or is from a nation exempt from visa requirements)
  • Have filed an application for spousal sponsorship within Canada
  • Live with the sponsor and have a sincere relationship with them
  • Not be banned in Canada due to a medical or criminal history

Open Work Permit — The Application Process

After verifying your eligibility, you can submit an application for a spouse open work visa by following these steps:

  • Complete Your Application: Ensure that the spousal sponsorship application is accurately completed and submitted to IRCC. In addition to the application forms, you may need to include a copy of your marriage certificate, documentation of your spouse’s immigration status in Canada, proof of financial support, and language proficiency exam results.
  • Collect Necessary Documents: Assemble the paperwork required for the spouse’s open work permit application. Usually, these consist of:
  • Evidence that the application for spousal sponsorship was submitted
  • A copy of the sponsorship application package
  • Travel papers and passports
  • Evidence of Temporary Residency in Canada
  • Proof of common-law relationship or marriage
  • Passport-sized pictures
  • Submit Your Application: After filling out the appropriate papers and acquiring the necessary documents, you may submit your application. Ensure you have included all the appropriate papers since missing or incomplete information may result in delays or rejections. Familiarize yourself with the application costs and payment options, and follow the instructions provided on the IRCC website to submit your application appropriately.
  • Track Application Status: The IRCC website allows you to track the progress of your application once it has been submitted. Exercising patience while waiting for a judgment is important because processing durations could differ.

Exploring Employment Possibilities

After obtaining your open work visa, looking for a job in Canada is the next step. Since employment markets differ between provinces and territories, it’s a good idea to do your homework and focus on sectors that match your qualifications. Recruiting firms, online employment listings, and networking may all be very helpful in your job hunt.


Applying for a work permit is a smart choice for those who are awaiting the approval of their spousal sponsorship application in Canada. Not only does this visa allow individuals to work anywhere in Canada, but it also allows them to start their family while contributing to the local economy.

It is impossible to overstate the advantages of seeking expert advice. The legal professionals at Immigrationway are specialists in work permits and spousal sponsorship. Make an appointment with us today, and let us help you in bringing your spouse to Canada.