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How Canada Immigration Calculates Processing Time?

How Canada Immigration Calculates Processing Time?

Canada has altered the way in which it predicts immigration application processing time to offer the candidates a more accurate picture regarding how long it might take.

Applicants who can benefit from it include the ones who apply through

  • The different provincial nomination programs
  • The grandparents and parents sponsorship program
  • The start-up visa program
  • The Quebec skilled worker program

This move has been designed to offer the candidates with better chance to plan a move in Canada. Refugees, immigration, and citizenship Canada has started to project the processing time on the basis of the immigration level plans and the present backlog.

Earlier, processing times were estimated on the basis of the time the recent application took. The IRCC is going to base it on the time it took to process the application in the last 12 months. Officials are of the opinion that the new model will enable them to be more accurate since using historical data wasn’t that representative all the time.

How Canada Immigration Calculate Processing Time
How Canada Immigration Calculate Processing Time

How does the New Processing Time Calculation Functions?

The new processing time calculator formula is going to consider:

  • The number of admission for multi-year immigration plan in the government
  • The number of application in queue for the immigration program

One of the primary programs where the processing times are pretty sensitive issue is the Grandparents and Parents sponsorship program. IRCC has recently announced that it is going to return to first-come first-serve selection process for the PGP as they have experimented with the lottery system in the previous two years.

For the year 2019, Citizenship Canada, Refugees, and Immigration is going to issue invitation on the basis of the order in which online interest for sponsoring forms is submitted. Invitations is still going to be issued till the government reaches 20,000 completed applications up from the target of 17,000 in the year 2018.

How is the Grandparent and Parent Program Going to Change in 2019?

New Process

  • Application window will open in January for the submission of interest to the sponsor forms.
  • Sponsors will issue invitations to apply in order interest to sponsor forms that are submitted.
  • People who have been issued invitation have about 90 days to submit the complete application.

Current Process

  • Application window is going to open in January for the purpose of submission of interest to sponsor forms.
  • The sponsors are randomly drawn from the people who have given interest to sponsor forms. The government has organized in 2017 and 2018.
  • The sponsors drawn have been issued invitations for applying with 90 days for submitting full application.

Total Grandparents and Parents does Canada Admit?

Canada plans on welcoming 20,000 in 2018, about 20,500 in 2019, and 21,000 in 2020 as per the multi-immigration levels that had been released in the year2017.

In case you are not that adept with the immigration program, you can hire an immigration lawyer. Make sure that you choose an experienced lawyer who has knowledge about the process. Also, you have to make sure that the lawyer that you have chosen has the license to practice law. If you want you can check for testimonials and reviews over the internet. You can also ask your relative to give you some suggestion regarding this.

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