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Great Opportunity to Explore Canada: Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Ready to Start

By December 19, 2022 No Comments
Canada sends invites to thousands of immigrants every year. However, the vast majority of people choose to settle in large cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. There is not a lot of movement to sparsely populated parts of Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has seen that though there are plentiful jobs in these areas, skilled workers are simply not migrating there. To change that it has launched the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

About the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

IRCC will be working closely with the communities it identifies to find the right candidates. It wants these communities to become welcoming places to live and work for immigrants who choose to come. The IRCC recognizes that the communities it will identify will have little experience in modern immigration. People who come to Canada today expect to be able to find jobs, find adequate housing and settle into a high standard of life. That’s why the government will be working directly with local agencies to ensure immigrants are happy and provided for. This means working with:
  • Community-based partners
  • Federal and provincial governments
  • Trade and employment bodies
Speak to an immigration lawyer in Toronto Canada to find out what you need to start your application. Stay tuned as we post more Canada immigration latest news.

What communities have been identified for the pilot

At the time of writing, 11 communities in 5 provinces have been listed. These are: Alberta – Claresholm British Columbia – Vernon, West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson) Manitoba – Brandon, Altona/Rhineland Ontario – North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Timmins Saskatchewan – Moose Jaw The communities identified have a high quality of life. Each is a prosperous economic centre, with a low population. For those looking to experience true Canadian life and surroundings, these are great cities to settle in. In fact, these communities are located near major cities and will be well connected to important amenities and transportation.

Benefits of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

  • You and your family will come to Canada as permanent residents
  • Candidates will have jobs/strong community support to find jobs
  • Small communities that will welcome you and take care of you
  • Possibly shorter application process compared to Express Entry
  • Candidates with lower CRS score may benefit if they are well-suited to communities’ economic needs and job vacancies

Application process for permanent residence

The application process for PR here is different to Express Entry. The application process involves:
  1. Candidate approaching one of the listed communities or an employer in the community
  2. Submitting an endorsement application to be assessed by the community
  3. Candidates that are ‘best fit’ will be endorsed and can apply for their PR
  4. CIC will assess the PR application against Federal Selection Criteria and Admissibility requirements
  5. Once approved, candidates and their families will be welcomed to settle in the community
The application process requires an understanding of what Canadian employers are looking for. Make sure you get an experienced immigration lawyer in Toronto Canada to file your application. We know how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

How soon can you come to Canada as a permanent resident

IRCC expects that immigration candidates under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot will begin to receive PR invitations before the end of 2019. It expects people will start settling in Canada under this program by the summer of 2020. Check our website regularly for Canada immigration latest news. Or speak to our immigration lawyer in Toronto Canada and let us take care of that for you. Apply immediately The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is fresh and there will be few applicants right now. The sooner you can apply to communities, the sooner you can come to Canada. Once local communities are inundated with applications, processing times will slow down again. Make sure you speak to our immigration lawyer in Toronto Canada before you start your application. At the Kurzfeld Law Immigration Law Firm we are experienced immigration professionals who know how to file perfect applications. Especially since you need to show your suitability to the local community, we will ensure you are seen as a very promising candidate. Subscribe to our blog to keep abreast of Canada immigration latest news.  

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