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CRS Cut Off Scores For The Month of May: Expectation Vs. Reality

By December 12, 2022 July 3rd, 2024 No Comments

Canada’s winters may be tough and very cold, but the Canadian summer can be perfect! Mild temperatures, a chance to explore the outdoors in a clean environment – no wonder there are so many immigration applications to come to Canada in this season!

Express Entry is your point of entry into Canada’s immigration system if you are applying under the following:

What is CRS

If you have done any research, you will know that the gateway to Canada’s federal residency program is Express Entry. It determines who and how many people can apply for immigration to Canada. It does this on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System, or CRS.

CRS captures your age, education, profession, familial status and more into one number – which can be from 0 – 1200 points. Canada selects candidates with the most points and sends them the Invitation To Apply (or ITA).

Therefore, your CRS score and the CRS cut-off are very important. If you need help with getting your CRS score right, the Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm can help you.

CRS Cut-off

The CRS cut-off is very dynamic. The minimum CRS score that will receive an ITA changes with every draw. Even the timeline of draws can fluctuate. Sometimes draws are held every 14 days; sometimes as few as 7 days apart.

You should keep checking CRS draws very regularly to see if you are going to be invited. It’s also why maximizing your CRS score is important. Too often, people forget to mention relevant information, like skills and experience, which can raise their CRS and increase their chances of an invite.

Latest Draw – May 29

The latest CRS draw was conducted very recently, on 29 May 2019. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, commonly also referred to as CIC, invited 3350 to apply under Express Entry. Here are some stats:

  • Lowest CRS score: 470

  • Candidates invited: 3350

  • Total number of candidates: 109,011

Only 3% of candidates who were waiting received invitations. And only the top two score ranges received ITAs. That’s why it is so important to maximize your CRS score.

Latest CRS Trend Analysis

latest crs trend

Click to open larger image

Our CRS trend curve shows that the CRS minimum score for ITAs has remained fairly constant at over 450, except on two occasions.

It’s why making sure your score and category are correct is so important.

Also, the time between draws has also become quite consistent at around 14 days (two weeks).

The only anomaly is the May 15 draw, which invited only Federal Skilled Trades candidates. Due to this limited ITA round, there was a gap of one month between invites to all categories. As a result, there was a backlog of applications. It explains why the CRS score in this draw was so high, at 470.

Next draw – in June?

If the next CRS draw is a normal draw for everyone, there is every chance that CRS scores will come down to a more normal level. Certainly, around 450 and even lower has been the norm in the last few months.

However, when the next draw will be is always very difficult to predict. Make sure you keep checking regularly to find out when the draw has happened and if you will receive an ITA.

However, going by past experience, it should fall sometime in the middle of June 2019.

Helping you maximize your CRS

The Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm has helped thousands of people settle in Canada. We are very experienced immigration lawyers Toronto submitting Express Entry candidacy. Our team helps you make sure you maximize your CRS score. And with Express Entry, every CRS point counts! Call us today or submit a request through our website.

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