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By June 17, 2022 February 28th, 2023 No Comments
Canada can be surely deemed as one of the most sought after countries in the world and one can say this for a fact because more than 150,000 international students who go to Canada every year to study!

Enriched with an unparalleled scenic beauty and one of the world’s greatest education systems, Canada ranks itself as the ‘students’ Favorite’ International destination for higher studies.

Here are 11 Reasons why you should study and settle in Canada

  1. Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world and this combined with its wonderful multicultural cosmopolitan attitude makes it an excellent destination for international students to come and further their education.
  2. United Nations evaluated Canada on various parameters and stated that Canada offers one of the highest standards for quality of life in the world. Which explains why the Canadian Embassy gets so many visa applications every year.
  3. Degrees from Canadian institutes are internationally recognized, and there is a diverse range of courses on offer from marine biology through to accountancy. Canada also has a number of excellent opportunities for language courses, and you can choose between both French and English as your main language of instruction, and students often benefit from taking an additional language course alongside their main degree or diploma.
  4. Healthcare System of Canada is something which other countries envy and people from other country seek out. Their healthcare system covers almost every health issue and one doesn’t has to pay heftily on medical treatments.
  5. Each year, over 150,000 international students go to Canada to study. Canada is a racism free country and people from various ethnicities migrate here each year for higher education. The multicultural classrooms are the beauty of Canadian institutions.
  6. Cost of living and tuition fee in Canada are far less than Canada at all levels of school fees less than the United States, Britain, and Australia.
  7. Canada is globally renowned for its quality if education. There are numerous Canadian universities in the ‘World’s Top 100 Universities’ list.
  8. students studying in Canada can enjoy the benefits of gaining valuable work experience through off campus placement.
  9. When you talk about the standard and quality of living, Canada stands above many ace countries! The United Nations has also stated that Canada offers one of the highest living standards in the world.
  10. Getting the PR is comparatively easier in Canada as compared to various other countries. Straight after graduating, students get a chance to work and settle in Canada.
  11. Here’s something that captures the attentions of International students. They can work on campus without a work permit! How cool is that.

When all is said and done, if Canada captivates you, you should definitely give it a shot and visit Canada for all the glorious benefits it offers!