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Asserting Points for your education for Quebec application has become a lot Easier!

By August 5, 2016 February 28th, 2023 No Comments

An essential part of your QSW documents is the location of training selection aspect. The area of training is the field written on your diploma & honors up to 16 points on the application. Immigration Quebec designates a point value to all sorts of diplomas. The quantity of factors assigned to each field of study is chosen based on the labor market needs of Quebec.


For the very first time in 47 years, the Government of Quebec is changing its migration Act. Most significantly, they are transitioning from the first come first serve basis

What’s changed?

In the past, in order to claim area of training points, candidates either had to have:.

1) Acquired their diploma in the last 5 years or, if the diploma was acquired longer than 5 years back,.

2) The prospect would certainly have to have one year, in the last 5 years working full-time in their field.


What that implies for you: no matter when your diploma was acquired, or if you do not work in your field, you could still claim factors under the area of training. For example, if you are educated as a nurse yet have actually never ever operated in the field, you could still declare the factors for your area of training as if you worked as a nurse your whole career. Remember, you don’t have to be licensed as a registered nurse (or any other occupation) to be eligible to claim!

With this change, it has now become easier for immigrants in Quebec to get their permanent residency and have a great career ahead in Canada. For immigration help, visit for more info!