Individuals who are applying for Canadian Citizenship must meet certain eligibility criteria, submit an application and write a test. The test is based on knowledge of English and French, and general knowledge on Canada’s history, geography, economy, and political system.

The applicant must be qualified and get the necessary number of days (lived in Canada as a Permanent Resident for at least 1,095 days out of the 5 years) before applying for citizenship. If otherwise, the applicant might not be eligible and there is no refund of the application fees.

Subject to the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1977, an individual is deemed a Canadian citizen if they were:

  • Born in Canada after 15 February 1977, when the new citizenship act came into force
  • Born outside of Canada at the time of his/her birth after 14 February 1977.
  • Having one of his/her parents, or other than a parent who adopted him/her, who is a citizen of Canada
  • Having Acquired Citizenship or Citizenship that’s been allowed
  • Having Dual Citizenship permitted by Canada. However, not all countries permit their citizens to hold Canadian citizenship, if they are a citizen of that country and also a Canadian citizen.

Eligibility requirements to apply for Canadian Citizenship

After obtaining permanent residency, the applicant must have resided in Canada for three of the previous four years immediately prior to his/her application. The applicant who has had a Temporary Resident status that immediately precedes the date of arrival in Canada may also gain residency time for a maximum of one year. Any Temporary Resident status prior to attaining permanent residency in Canada will count as half the time.

The concept of residency demands a consideration of the extent to which an applicant retains, for citizenship, settles into, or incorporates his/ her everyday style of living for the required three year period in the four years prior to the date of application. In other words, the applicant must validate the claims of having lived in a place of residence in/while outside of Canada, in which he/she is residing while maintaining adequate connections and ties with Canada, to indicate interest for continuity of their residency status in Canada.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility and qualification to apply for Canadian Citizenship, please contact our office.

Citizenship Services for Children

Children under eighteen years of age aren’t under obligation to fulfill the residency condition if they have one parent who is applying to be a Canadian citizen or who is a Canadian citizen. The parent of a child who is under eighteen years of age can apply for citizenship when the child receives permanent resident status.

For further information regarding application information and procedures, please contact us.

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