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Facing Deportation in Canada: How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

By November 10, 2023 December 20th, 2023 No Comments

Facing deportation in Canada is one of the most distressing and complex challenges anyone can face when it comes to immigration. The fear, uncertainty, and legal intricacies of deportation cases can be overwhelming.

There are also countless immigration laws, requirements to watch out for, and complex government forms to fill. But don’t worry. Here are some ways an Immigration lawyer in Canada can help ease your burden.

  1. Help You Understand the Process and Possible Options
    Let’s face it. The immigration process is confusing. On top of that, immigration laws are the last things on your priority list. So, if you find yourself in an immigration spectacle, it can be hard to understand the possible options you may have. This can result in a terrible outcome. An immigration lawyer can table the facts for you and help you digest the possible options you may have. They explore relief options, such as asylum, cancellation of removal, or waivers, to provide avenues for individuals facing deportation to remain in the country legally. Furthermore, they can advise you on the best way to get the best result for you or your family and make crucial submissions necessary for your case while you work and care for your family.
  2. Help You Secure a Job
    Coming to Canada is great–wonderful even. But if you don’t have a way to sustain yourself and your family, it can be really tough. Many immigrants have trouble securing work. And those who do still struggle to sustain themselves due to competitive salaries. Besides, it’s a real struggle to find an employer who would trust you when your immigration status is in question. While immigration lawyers can’t guarantee a job, they can put you in a better position to secure one. For example, once you solve your immigration status, securing a work permit is easier. Besides that, they can help you apply for jobs, guide you through the interview process, and even write you recommendation letters when possible.
  3. Providing Emotional Support
    Immigration lawyers in Canada offer more than just legal counsel. They provide emotional support and guidance since they understand the immense stress and turmoil their clients endure during these challenging times.
  4. Eliminate Language Barrier
    Many immigrants struggle to speak English. After all, it’s not their first language. This can make it a real struggle to read English documents or communicate comfortably with immigration officials. Having an immigration attorney by your side can be a plus, especially if you enlist a bilingual attorney to advocate for you during the application and visa interview process.
  5. Legal Representation
    Representing yourself in immigration court proceedings is not recommended. But if you are fluent enough and understand immigration laws, you can opt to take that route. However, immigration attorneys have presented a lot of cases and are familiar with different scenarios. So, they can present evidence, articulate arguments, and safeguard your rights within the legal framework better than you can. Besides, judges tend to listen more when an argument comes from a professional lawyer than you.
  6. Expedite Your Application
    An immigration attorney could be able to speed up the process if you’ve been waiting a long time for an application update or if you need a decision on your case immediately because of an urgent situation.
  7. An Immigration Lawyer Can Assist You in Finding Your Way to Citizenship
    The ultimate goal of any immigrant who comes to Canada is to become a lawful Canadian citizen. But this process is a maze. You may never achieve this dream if you don’t understand how the procedure works and the steps to take. Fortunately, one of the many jobs of immigration attorneys is to assist you in becoming a legal Canadian citizen. They comprehend the citizenship process and the steps needed to achieve it.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of issues an immigration lawyer can help you with. So, don’t struggle with deportation alone because, at Immigrationway, we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that deportation can cause for individuals as well as families. That’s why our experienced team is committed to providing you with the assistance and legal counsel you need. So, call us today to speak with one of our experienced Canadian immigration lawyers.