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Immigration Lawyer Canada Can Help You Restore Your Immigration Status in Canada

By March 24, 2017 May 20th, 2022 No Comments

Canada witnesses a huge influx of immigrants every year. But the government of Canada has the right to reject Canadian immigration and revoke the immigration status or Canadian citizenship of an immigrant. So if your immigration status has been revoked by the Canadian government and you want it to be restored, you can seek the guidance of an immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyer Canada can make the process of maintaining and retaining your immigration status much easier. Usually, immigrants who plan to immigrate to Canada can do so under three categories: workers, students or visitors.

People who are immigrating to Canada are considered ‘temporary residents’. They are given a limited period of time for staying in Canada. Once the time period ends, a person is bound to go back to their home country. But, the natural tendency of temporary residents is to extend their permit’s time period with the help of an immigration lawyer.

Based on the situation, people need to comply with the conditions that are clearly stated by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If one fails to comply with the conditions, the person put themselves at the risk of losing their legal status. Those who are living in Canada without a status might face a lot of difficulties. For example, a people living without a status may not be provided medical treatment. However, chances are that they might face deportation.

Ways Present To Restore the Status

Well, you don’t need to worry in case your legal status gets revoked. A Canada immigration lawyer can suggest you the ways through which the status can be restored.

The attorney will review your case and will consider the best possible course of action. This is done because the status of an immigrant might be revoked based on various situations. With each situation being different, it is crucial to get the right advice for your situation. Thus, an immigration lawyer Canada can guide clients with the best possible methods for restoring the status.

Help with Appeal

An immigration lawyer can determine if the applicant can apply for a renewal. If they are eligible, they can reapply within 90 days of losing their status. An immigration attorney can help clients to appeal against revocation orders in the Federal Court. They will try to make sure that the client is receiving a fair trial.

Fight for You

Immigration attorneys will try to ensure that you are given a second chance to reclaim their residency, citizenship or status. They will do this by gathering evidence and show that you followed the Canadian law strictly.

Working with an immigration lawyer Canada is always considered to be the best option. It not only saves time and money but also increases the chance of a case being successful.  A good lawyer always remains by the side of their client and provides the best legal advice for a case.