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How To Tackle The Canadian Immigration Processing Time

By March 12, 2023 March 22nd, 2023 No Comments

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for immigrants across the globe. The nation offers an excellent quality of life, a stable economy, and a multicultural environment, making it an attractive option for people looking to commence a fresh life abroad. However, people who desire to immigrate to this country face a grim obstacle due to the processing time for immigration applications. Canada immigration processing time, refers to the period the Canadian government requires to process an immigration application. The time to process an application may vary due to various factors, namely, the type of application, the country of origin, and the number of applications received by the immigration processing authorities. Let us throw some light on this topic.

Types Of Immigration Applications

Canada has a generous attitude of welcoming foreign people and making them one of the diverse cultures they prefer. This gives birth to several options that let foreigners immigrate to Canada and settle in the country. Here are some of the most popular programs people use to immigrate to Canada. 

Express Entry Program

The program allows skilled workers to immigrate to this country permanently. The typical processing time for an Express Entry Program application is six months to one year. 

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP or Provincial Nominee Program lets Canadian provinces and territories nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle in a particular province or territory. In this case, the processing time may take three months to two years, which is more than its previous counterpart. 

Family Sponsorship Program

Under the Family Sponsorship Program, you can sponsor some of your family members to come to Canada and live, study or work as permanent residents. Your spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children can easily immigrate using this program. In this case, the processing time of the application may take anywhere from one to three years. 

Key Factors Affecting The Processing Time

There can be several factors to consider that can affect the processing time for an immigration application. Here are some of the common ones.

Completeness Of The Application

Filling out all the blanks on the immigration application form is crucial. However, a lot depends on how you fill out the application. If you have missed any document or forgot to provide any information, the processing time will increase. 

Security & Background Check

Whenever someone is applying to immigrate to Canada, they are thoroughly checked. The Canadian government conducts security and background checks on all immigration applicants. If any concern about the applicant’s security or background is found, the processing time of the application increases.

Country Of Origin

The world is moving towards a future where everyone will be a global citizen. Anyone can live, visit, study, work, and spend their lives anywhere. Following the same course, Canada invites numerous people to immigrate and live a quality life. However, in the process, the immigration application may take a bit more time, depending on the applicant’s country of origin. In addition, some countries have higher application volumes than others, leading to longer processing hours. 

Number Of Applications Received

While immigrating to Canada, many times, the processing period for an immigration application may also depend on the number of requests received by the immigration authorities. Canada is one of the dream destinations for people around the world. People love the country’s diverse culture, soothing environment, and competitive markets. But if there is a high volume of applications, it may take officials longer to process each application.

Ways To Accelerate The Application Processing Time

If you are interested in living in Canada, you must do everything to minimize the application processing time. Of course, the processing time may vary depending on several factors, but still, you can expedite the process by following a few easy steps. 

Ensure You Submit A Completed Application

Whenever you are depositing your immigration application, make sure you have read everything minutely, understood everything, worked on it, and provided necessary document proofs. A complete application with all the documents will speed up the processing time. 

Be Responsive To the Requests

Whenever the officials from the immigration office call you or ask for additional information, be prompt to answer them. Delaying their calls or postponing their directives will only delay the processing of the application. Try responding to the requests as soon as possible. 

Consult A Registered Immigration Consultant

Trained professionals like immigration lawyers and consultants are always ready to assist those who require help. Registered immigrant consultants help you navigate the immigration process better. In addition, they can ensure your application is complete and help accelerate processing time. 

Choose The Right Program

Always apply for the right program. Most of the time, individuals need proper clarification on the process, or they will choose the wrong prong program. The best way is to consult an immigration lawyer to guide you through the process. Picking the wrong program to apply will result in a longer processing time.

Canada is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The country’s immigration programs offer a number of opportunities for people to start a new life in Canada. While the processing time for an immigration application can vary depending on various factors, there are ways to speed up the process.

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