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Open Work Permit

By October 14, 2022 November 21st, 2022 No Comments

There is a shortage of skilled people in Canada. As a result, the nation is enticing foreigners to come here for employment to solve this issue. To attract immigration, Canada has developed several work visa options, such as Open Work Permits. Over a predetermined time, a foreign citizen with an open work permit may work for any Canadian business. It allows foreign nationals to work anywhere and for any employer in the nation unless that employer is ineligible because of compliance issues.

Open Work Permits For Spouses

A work permit open to all jobs is known as an open work permit. It permits your spouse or common-law partner to accept any job from any employer. If your spouse or partner gets an open work permit, it usually is valid for the same period as your study permits. However, in some cases, they will need a medical exam. 

Your spouse or common-law partner can use this as an excellent opportunity to get involved in the neighbourhood, obtain practical work experience, and make extra money. In addition, your spouse or common-law partner can make a work permit application once you’ve reached Canada.

How To Submit A Request For An Open Work Permit

You can apply for an open work permit both domestically and internationally. However, the application process and the forms you submit will differ based on the location from where you apply. 

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on your nation of citizenship, the Open Work Permit Canada processing time can vary from 3 to 27 weeks. After submitting your application, supporting documents, and medical exam records and completing the interview, you must wait for processing. 

Who Can Apply For It?

An Open Work Permit is only available in particular cases, including;

  • If you are a student graduating or you have financial issues. 
  • If you are a worker facing abuse
  • You are a participant in an immigration program, a worker, or a student’s companion.
  • If you are a refugee
  • You have applied for permanent residence
  • You are a dependent of a person applying for permanent residence
  • You have a temporary resident permit
  • You have participated in young work special programs
  • If you are under an unenforceable removal order (meaning you didn’t leave Canada at the stipulated time but have not yet been expelled from the country)

How To Apply For A Visa With An Open Work Permit:

You would need the below-mentioned paperwork to apply for it:

  • Passport valid for at least six months after the day you intend to enter Canada
  • Your educational certificates 
  • If you are married, then you would require a marriage certificate
  • If you have children, then children’s birth certificates would be required
  • You must pass a medical examination to work in childcare, health services, primary or secondary school teaching, or the agricultural industry
  • If immigration officers confirm that you’ll return to your home country after the open work permit expires, applicants must appear for a visa interview.

If an applicant fits the requirements, there are numerous ways for them to be eligible for and obtain an open work permit.

Types of Open Work Permit

In Canada, there are two kinds of work permits: closed work permits, which are connected to a particular employer, and open work permits, which let foreign nationals work in Canada for any number of businesses and any place.

Open work permits have the primary benefit of allowing for mobility between jobs, employers, professions, or areas in Canada. In addition, some restrictions for acquiring a permit to work in Canada are waived for open work permits. 

Where To Get Help To Obtain An Open Work Permit

Many international citizens looking for jobs choose Canada as their preferred location. In addition, working in Canada is a great first step for anyone looking to immigrate permanently. So if you need assistance, contact your professional immigration lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld at 647-249-7976.

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