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Services of an immigration lawyer in matters of divorce

By January 13, 2023 February 28th, 2023 No Comments

Divorce as an Immigrant – Why You Need a Family Law Specialist

When it comes to getting a divorce as an immigrant in Canada, there are numerous questions that may need urgent answers: How will a divorce affect my immigration status? What about custody issues and spousal support? Will my sponsorship continue even after my divorce? What will the consequences of my divorce be? An experienced Toronto immigration lawyer holds the answers to questions like these and many more that appear in the case of a divorce. You can use the services of Immigration Lawyer Toronto to deal with these situations.

Will I Lose My Residence Status in the Case of a Divorce?

When facing a major troubling event such as a divorce, you need all the support you can get – and that includes the services of a Toronto immigration lawyer, who can guide you and assess your case until the smallest details in order to make sure that you will be protected, safe and informed on all matters. In general, a divorce does not affect your immigration status if you are a permanent resident; however, this is not a 100% guarantee. The Canadian government takes matters such as marriage fraud very seriously, which is why lying in court about the evolution or length of your relationship and marriage is usually considered a serious offence and will affect your resident status.

What Will Happen to Me Financially in the Case of a Divorce?

Another important aspect to consider when getting a divorce in Canada as an immigrant is the financial one. Basically, the sponsor is financially responsible for the spouse even in the case of a divorce for a period of 3 years after the first entry on the Canadian territory – however, in the case of difficult divorces, some sponsors who are offering their spouse Canada sponsorship immigration may refuse to continue contributing financially after the collapse of the marriage. A Toronto immigration lawyer will make sure that you are safe, financially secure and that your rights are respected in such undesirable cases.
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