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Student Visa

Study and Migrate to Canada

By August 14, 2015 June 2nd, 2022 No Comments

International students have become a mainstay at Canadian Universities, Colleges and Private schools. In fact, there are over 200,000 International Students arriving in Canada annually. Studying in Canada is extremely popular for several reasons.

These reasons include the following factors:

  • Top level of education (Canadian schools are consistently ranked highly globally);
  • General affordability (compared to countries such as United States, UK and Australia);
  • Ability to work legally while studying (applicable to most programs);
  • Ability of spouses to work (depending on the school of enrollment and the programs taken);
  • Ability to work following graduation (depending on the school of enrollment and the programs taken);

While the above factors are certainly significant is making Canada an attractive education destination, the number one attraction for international students to study in Canada is the ability to immigrate post graduation.

Every case is specific, however, there are many paths to permanent residence following graduation. These programs range from the popular Canadian Experience Class category under the Express Entry to many Provincial Nominee Programs.

At this point it is very important to note that although many programs can ultimately lead to permanent residence in Canada, enrollment in certain types of schools or programs may be excluded from pursuing immigration.

Therefore, we encourage every student to have a clear idea of the legal avenues to take and strategize carefully in advance of their study in Canada. Our office has helped many students in obtaining their permanent residence in Canada. However, unfortunately we have seen cases where students were ill advised prior to engaging in their studies only to find out that they were ineligible to apply for permanent residence following their studies in Canada. While we were able to help these students, needless to say, great disappointment and stress could have been avoided with proper advice and clear strategy in advance.

Our office is well equipped and networked to assist you in selecting your education path, apply for a student permit, and advise and represent you with obtaining permanent residence in Canada.