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Student Visa

What You Need to Know About Canadian Study Permits

By June 27, 2016 June 9th, 2022 No Comments

If you plan to study in Canada, you will likely need a ‘study permit‘. A study permit is issued by the Canadian federal government which gives you consent to study in Canada for a short-term period. For the most parts, the study permit defines the educational institution and course of study.

If wish to study in Canada, you will certainly have to submit IMM 1294. This form is filled by individuals that intend to obtain a study permit. Authorized study permit could be restricted to study at a certain school, or a specific course of study.

Study Permits are temporary resident visas (TRV) and so when you are going into Canada, you will be required to reveal an officer that you will certainly be studying in Canada just for a short-term duration.

Canadian study permit requirements

In order to obtain a research license, you need to:

  • Satisfy an officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies
  • Have a letter of approval from an university
  • Confirm that you have cash throughout of your stay in Canada to pay for tuition fees, and living expenditures on your own and coming with family members.
  • Be righteous as well as have no record of criminal activity
  • Not be a threat to the safety of Canada
  • Be in good health (complete a medical exam, if needed).

Keep in mind: You might require any kind of added papers asked by the officer to establish your admissibility.

The Top 4 Frequently asked questions concerning Canadian study permit

  1. For how long can I study in Canada?

Generally you can stay in Canada throughout your study permit duration. Look at your study permit and it will tell you when it expires. Sometimes, you could obtain an expansion.

  1. Can I work while on a study permit?

Yes, but just under limited conditions such as

  1. Your employment is on-campus
  2. The foreign student is the recipient of a scholarship
  • The job has been accredited as being an essential part of the program of study
  1. The job includes scholastic research study or a post-doctoral fellowship
  2. The work happens after college graduation in an area related to the program of study
  3. Partners of international students are eligible to work temporarily in Canada


  • There are various other means to work while on a study license relying on where you study in Canada.


  1. Do I constantly need a Research study Authorization to examine in Canada?

No. You do not require a study permit when:

  • You take a French or English language training program that no more than three months in duration; or.
  • You are the partner or dependent youngster; a diplomatic or consular officer; a representative of a foreign country; or an agent of the United Nations or any other intergovernmental organization which Canada is a member.
  1. Can I extend my study permit?

Yes, you can. You will submit Form IMM 1249. This migration visa form is used by individuals that intend to declare an extension of their study permit in Canada. Individuals submit form IMM 1249 to alter conditions or to prolong their stay in Canada as students. This application is for temporary residents who stay presently reside in Canada as students.

Keep in mind: People holding valid existing short-term resident condition could make an application for an extension of their stay, given they apply at the very least 30 days before the expiration day of their current standing.

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