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Working In Healthcare? BC is looking for candidates for its Provincial Nominee Program

By April 20, 2019 September 22nd, 2022 No Comments

British Columbia is one of the most desirable provinces in all of Canada. The quality of life is really high. And cities like Vancouver offer globally competitive work and wages. The milder climate of BC may be a factor too – but we’re just guessing.

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The demand for healthcare professionals in Canada is high. Qualified and experienced physicians, nurses, technicians and midwives are highly sought out. For British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), it is a priority to find and bring over such people.

Did you know?

The Healthcare Pathway of BC PNP is a very stable way for professionals to come and settle in Canada.

As experienced immigration lawyers Canada, we know that immigrating to a new country can mean an initial struggle for newcomers. With the BC PNP Healthcare Pathway, that struggle is much reduced – with employment clarity.

Here are some advantages of immigrating under the Healthcare Pathway:

  1.       You already have a job or employer support, so no job-hunting
  2.       The value of your education and professional experience is retained
  3.       Your wages will be competitive as per the standards of the industry
  4.       With ‘Health Match’, you have a very useful tool in your mission to find adequate employment

Professional Eligibility

BC PNP’s Healthcare Pathway is available for a specific set of healthcare professions. These include physicians, specialists, nurses and medical technicians. There is an altogether separate category for midwives.

However, there is scope for some interpretation. For instance, who all could qualify under ‘specialist’ or a ‘nurse practitioner’. In any case, simply being able to show yourself eligible under these categories is not enough. You also need to prove that you possess acceptable qualifications, certifications and adequate work experience in healthcare.

Getting Started with Applying for BC PNP

Before you can apply under the Healthcare Pathway, you need to: enrol yourself in Federal Express Entry, and possess a Job Seeker Validation Code.

This will demonstrate that you meet the minimum criteria set out under the Federal Skilled Workers, Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class categories. After that, you can use Health Match to connect with potential employers.

What is Health Match

Health Match is free health recruitment and placement service. Its aim: to help you find a job with one of BC’s health authorities.

Requirements for BC PNP Healthcare Pathway

There are a number of requirements you must fulfil in order to successfully obtain the nomination. These are over and above what is required in Federal Express Entry.

  • Show a full-time, permanent job offer from or support of a public health authority for prescribed professions
  • If you are a midwife, a confirmation letter from medical practice in BC
  • Qualified to work in the profession in BC
  • At least two years of work experience
  • Ability to support yourself and any dependents
  • Meet the minimum language requirements

Health Match is, therefore, a vital tool in the Healthcare Pathway application process. The job requirements are quite strict and Health Match helps find adequate employment – and at market competitive wage rates.

Immigration lawyers Canada are able to help a lot with this. With our experience, we can advise and guide you through the process actively. Local knowledge and how to approach employers are essential.

The BC PNP Healthcare Pathway is undeniably a very desirable route of entry into PR. It greatly reduces the risks associated with leaving home to come to Canada. However, there are quite a few challenges that lie in the process. What level of funds to show; and how to go about approaching employers: these are just some subjective questions you will have.


An immigration lawyer like Ronen Kurzfeld can greatly reduce your confusion. We have helped thousands of clients with PR and provincial nomination applications.