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A Comprehensive Guide on Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada

By March 25, 2019 June 2nd, 2022 No Comments

Every year a plethora of international students aspire to pursue their higher academics in Canada. To make their dream come true, they do all it takes to make it to this nation. Starting from preparing for all those standardization tests to hiring the best immigration lawyer, the candidates put in their best endeavors to achieve this feat.

Now comes the fun fact. For those who come and complete their education have a tendency to work in and for the country. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Work opportunity
  • Cultural diversity

Addressing the growing popularity for continuing their stay, the Government of Canada has launched an exclusive program named post-graduation work permit or PGWP. This bespoke program is designed in order to provide proper assistance to international students to gain priceless work experience in Canada.

You must be thinking what is the added advantage to such a program? Well, this program also aids in getting those international candidates a permanent residence of the country. Needless to say, this path can also avail one the jackpot, i.e. a citizenship in the country.

Are you planning to make it Canada in the near future? Hire an experienced immigration lawyer. He will guide you through all the processes and norms. However, before you go that far, take a quick tour on this program for better comprehension.

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Advanced Insights

Multiple employers in Canada seek workers for their enterprises with the right set of skills and language proficiency. International students coming from India, China, New Zealand etc. happen to possess the required skills and thus are capable of getting well-paid jobs in the country.

In accordance with the norm, this program lasts between eight months and two years. Moreover, if you study for at least 2 years in any Canadian government recognized university, you can gain a work permit for 3 years at a stretch.

Not to mention, the work experience which you will gain in this tenure will pave the path to get hold of Canada Express Entry program. Here’s not the end. In order to encourage the stay of the international students, the government has made some good changes encompassing the program.

As per the new rule, international students can now apply within 180 days of their graduation or post-graduation from any Canadian university. Earlier the days was limited to 90 days to make the application. However, with the doubling of the former number of days, it is to be expected that more and more number of students will be applying for PGWP. Hiring a professional immigration lawyer can help them get through the process seamlessly.


  • No need for a separate study permit
  • The earlier study permit will be valid for 180 days post completion of education
  • Easy to obtain jobs
  • Less hassle

You can also acquire all these advantages if you plan to go to Canada. However, to make it happen, you must qualify certain criteria.

What are the Qualifying Criteria?

  • Candidates must retain a PGWP valid for the next two years
  • They should also have a 4-years bachelor’s degree from an overseas university
  • For those who lack the same need to have a diploma from any university of Canada
  • International students should also have good marks based on the tests like CELPIP or IELTS
  • They should also be able to relocate to the new job location within 30 days of accepting the appointment letter.
  • Candidates must provide a commitment for working a minimum of 2 years at an entry-level position in the company
  • Lastly, they have to agree for applying for immigration within 365 days after they join a Canadian company

Bottom line

That’s all in a nutshell! With such advantages and benefit-driven features, getting a PGWP is not a daunting task. All you need to hire a reputable and experienced immigration lawyer to guide you through the entire procedure.