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Permanent Residents

Canadian Permanent Residents (PR) Card Renewal Process: Eligibility & Required Documents

By June 21, 2022 September 22nd, 2022 No Comments

The Canadian permanent resident card is vital identification and travel documents offered to all Canadian permanent residents. This card aids in the recognition of Canadian permanent residents and allows them to return to the country when they are touring or working overseas.

Popularly called the Maple Leaf card”, this was introduced as a result of the Canadian government renovation of immigration and security laws to prevent potential security breaches. All PR cards are properties of the crown and are issued by the (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada after a member qualifies for permanent residentship.

Moving on, let’s review the importance of the permanent residentship card Canada.

  1. Work and Residence in Canada

Owning a permanent residentship card allows a person to reside and live anywhere in Canada. It also allows permanent residents to pick their choice of province and employer. Let’s assume that you got a good work opportunity in Montreal then you can shift to Montreal from Toronto without any obligations to anyone.

  1. You Can Sponsor Your Spouse and Children

Having a permanent residentship card also allows you to sponsor the permanent residentship of your child and spouse. You can consult a good immigration lawyer Canada and frame an effective application form that is likely to be accepted.

Moreover, you can immigrate through Express Entry and include your whole family in the process.

  1. Access to Social Service and Universal Healthcare

Once your immigration lawyer Toronto helps you attain the PR card then you get access to free Canadian social service and healthcare.

  1. Pathway to Canadian Citizenship

The first step to becoming a Canadian citizen is acquiring a PR card. Now, if you’ve lived in Canada for 3 out of 5 years then you stand eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Now, one important face to consider is that PR cards are eligible to expire every 5 years. So, if your card is about to expire, it is important that you consider renewing it. Without the renewal of the card, you will likely face a lot of issues if you’re traveling outside the country.

Moving on, when it comes to the renewal or acquiring the first PR card, the IRCC needs concrete documentation. This is why it is wise to consider the assistance of an immigration lawyer. These lawyers are well-versed with the migration procedure and help in congregating the correct documentation for the renewal of your PR card.

Moving on,

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Permanent Residence Card?

To become eligible for a permanent residentship card, you need to fulfill the following criterions:

  • You should stand as a permanent resident in Canada.
  • You need to physically live in Canada.
  • Ensure that you are not convicted of any offense leading to the misuse of the PR card.
  • You must not be under any removal order or not be a non-Canadian citizen.
  • You must meet the residential obligations as required by the IRCC.

What Happens to the Application if You Are Outside Canada?

When you’re outside Canada and your PR card expires you can still apply for it from outside. However, as per the requirements of the Canadian immigration authorities to collect the card you need to return to Canada. However, as you know without the PR card entering into Canada is difficult. In such cases, you have to acquire the Permanent Resident Travel Document to enter into the country.

Also, make sure that the residency requirement is met before you apply as if not the PRTD can be rejected even if the PR application is accepted.

What Other Documentation Is Needed for Acquiring PR Card?

It is very important to hire the assistance of your respective Toronto immigration lawyer in this aspect. When it comes to documentation the IRCC is very stringent. They’ll immediately nullify and reject applications if all the documents are not attached categorically. Now, the following documents are extremely crucial for the PR card application:

  • A valid copy of travel documents and passport.
  • Any identity document issued overseas before the subject’s return to Canada.
  • A copy of the travel document or identity certificate issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada.
  • A copy of a statutory declaration that confirms the subject’s identity. This is usually signed by a person who knew the subject before h/she migrated to Canada, or by an official organization that represents the applicant’s nationality.

However, this is why you need a Canada immigration lawyer can be of assistance. These primary documents are not all that is requisite. Certain secondary documents also need to be kept prepared:

  • Photocopies of the landing of permanent residence and record confirmations.
  • Photocopy of photo and student id-cards, and a legal provincial driver’s license.
  • Birth certificate for applicants under 18.
  • Photocopy of latest income tax assessment as issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Moving forward, now that you know of the basic renewal process of your PR card, it’s time to go over certain FAQ’s.

Let’s Begin:

What is the Basic Waiting Time for Receiving a PR Card?

Only after you frame a categorical application form with the aid of your immigration Toronto lawyer, the IRCC will start processing your request. Generally, for first timers it takes 45 days to process a PR card. For renewed PR cards the procedure takes around 104 days.

However, in general the time taken to process a PR card is for a few months. Therefore, before application of these forms immigration lawyers in Canada advise to apply with some time on claimant’s hand.

What is the Process of Receiving the PR Card?

For beginners the IRCC will mail you’re the PR card on your stated mail address. However, ensure that once you become a permanent resident within 180 days use the IRCC’s online tool to mail them your address.

Now, for candidates who are waiting for the renewal of their PR card the IRCC will send the renewed PR card to the older address by mail.

At times however, the IRCC will also require you to pick up your renewed PR card from their respective office.

What if a Person Requires Settling Affairs in Home Country after Landing at Canada?

What Canadian immigration lawyers suggest is before acquiring the renewed PR card it is best to wait. This card also doubles up as a travel document so it is best to return once you’re in possession of the PR card. However, if your return to your home country is of utmost importance owning to circumstantial situations then it is best that you consider the assistance of IRCC and contact them at 1-888-242-2100.

What Becomes of a Valid PR Card after Issuing a New One?

If you’ve recently issued a new PR card, but your old card is yet to expire you can use it till the new one is offered to you. In such cases, suppose you need to travel to your country urgently, you can return back to Canada on showing your PR card.

Do Permanent ResidentsRights Die Down with Expired PR Card?

Permanent residentship in Canada is constant. Unless you are obligated to be removed from the State under criminal notice, you don’t stop being a permanent resident. However, a permanent resident is not the same as a Canadian citizen. Yet, permanent residents enjoy almost the same rights as citizens.

Now, even if the PR card expires a person does not stop being a permanent resident. Even then h/she has the right to travel, work or reside anywhere in Canada.

What Can Make You Lose Your Permanent Residents Status?

At certain times a person may end up losing their permanent residentship status owing to conditions like not meeting the residency requirement. This is because when the IRCC finds that the former criteria are not met while applying for a renewed PR card they are liable to recline your PR status.

In such cases, you have to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division within 60 days if you believe that you can provide a sound agreement for your case. Just note that you have assistance of a reputed immigration lawyer to walk you out of the damage.

Moving on, now that you know all about PR card renewal time to consider another important factor.

Will an Immigration Lawyer be of Assistance?

An immigration Canada lawyer is your best bet to ensuring that you submit a form that meets the IRCC’s criteria. After all, you might not understand a few application glitches and instructions and this can end up getting your form rejected. In worst cases, you fail to provide the correct documentation on the residential requirement and this leads to the IRCC completely banning your permanent citizenship.

Now, to pick an ideal lawyer make sure you opt for word-of-mouth or pick out your previous attorney who helped you achieve permanent residentship. This lawyer will already be privy to your case and understand exactly what can go wrong in your application procedure. As a result, he/she will take care to avoid common mistakes and make sure you meet all the requirements and qualify for permanent residentship.

Well, this covers up the basics of renewing the Canadian Permanent Residents Card. So, hurry and do the needful and get your PR card once more.