Canadian citizenship is usually acquired by birth, as most people born in Canada are automatically considered citizens. However, a Citizenship lawyer knows that citizenship may also be obtained through the descendants of Canadian parents from individuals born outside Canada, provided that they are the first generation born outside Canada. A permanent resident of Canada can also obtain citizenship by meeting the residency requirement of having lived in Canada for at least three of her five years. Once accepted, Canadian citizenship cannot be lost unless obtained through fraud. In addition, Canadian citizens enjoy the right to enter and leave Canada, the right to vote in elections, and the right to carry a Canadian passport. 

What are the Canadian Citizenship Application Requirements?

Permanent residents of Canada who wish to apply for Canadian citizenship must first obtain a residence permit and reach out to a Citizenship Lawyer in Toronto.

Who can live in Canada?
Citizenship law requires a permanent resident to have been physically present in Canada for at least three of her five years before applying. However, citizenship lawyers in Toronto know that time spent in Canada as a legal temporary resident before obtaining permanent residency counts as half of the time up to 365 days in five years.

Why submit tax?
In addition, a permanent resident must have filed income tax returns in Canada for at least three years within five years if income tax law requires.

How does citizenship law work?
Canadian citizenship is automatic if you are born in Canada. Citizenship can also be acquired through the pedigree of a child born outside of Canada if one of the parents is a first-generation Canadian citizen, meaning he was born in Canada or naturalized as a Canadian citizen.

What are the changes to citizenship rules as of 2009?
In 2009, the Canadian Citizenship Regulations changed for Canadian children born outside Canada. Before April 17, 2009, any child born outside of Canada to a Canadian citizen parent was automatically a Canadian citizen, even if it was her second or later foreign-born child.

Do I need an attorney to apply for Canadian citizenship?
With Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you do not need to consult an immigration consultant or attorney. However, if you choose to be advised or represented by a paid consultant, the IRCC has rules about who can legally do so. If you need help, you can also get someone to help:

Apply for Immigration.

Our Immigration law office is a fully licensed and insured Canadian immigration law firm in Toronto specializing in immigration law. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the company offers unmatched agencies with consistently reasonable rates and payment plans. Ronen Kurzfeld has dedicated his career to immigration law. An experienced Toronto immigration attorney, Mr. Kurtsfeld graduated from Canada’s largest and oldest law school, the Osgood Hall School of Law. In addition, Kurtsfeld studied immigration and refugee law, a well-known intensive program.

We are a full-service immigration law firm in Toronto that handles all immigration cases, from expedited entry to business applications and enforcement. We can represent our clients in almost any language. In addition, we typically represent challenging and complicated cases referred by other attorneys.

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