Canada is viewed as the global leader for refugee protection and preservation. The Canadian government along with the proponents of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act understand the refugee system, which is all about saving lives, defending the helpless and safeguarding the homeless.

The Canadian government provides a secure haven for individuals who are refugees to meet the country’s international legal duties. This revolves around those who are facing a justifiable fear of persecution due to their nationality, race, faith, political outlook or association with a specific social group (this includes homosexuals, lesbians and abused girls, to name a few) and those vulnerable to torture or any form of cruel treatment.

Individuals, who wish to seek asylum in Canada due to the fear of persecution in their homeland, or the country of their habitual residence, should first be displaced from present residence and be incapable of, or, because of justifiable fear, indisposed to, benefit from the defence of the nation, or return there.

A permit for refugee protection might be produced at any given time at national workplaces or at the ports of entry, through the admissibility hearing proceedings in Canada, until a removal order is initiated.

Judicial Review

If a member of the judiciary that handles individuals seeking refugee protection or an Immigration Official that handles individuals seeking welfare outside Canada (who fall under the Convention Refugees and associates of the Humanitarian-Protected Persons Abroad programs) reject an application, the plaintiff should be informed the reasons for rejection in writing.

If you have any queries in connection with the appeal for the evaluation of an unfavourable decision, or to apply for refugee status in Canada, please contact our office.

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