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Exploring Plan B: Other Canadian Immigration Choices When Express Entry Isn’t the Fit

By September 10, 2023 October 10th, 2023 No Comments

While Express Entry remains a prominent immigration pathway in Canada, it’s crucial to note that when you consider the entire spectrum of individuals who gain the right to work in Canada each year, including temporary residents, fewer than 10 percent are admitted through Express Entry.

Even within the realm of economic immigration, excluding family reunification and refugee programs, Express Entry still does not constitute the primary gateway for newcomers. So, if you’ve discovered that the Express Entry system doesn’t align with your circumstances, there is no need for concern. Ample other routes are available to help you realize your dream of settling in Canada. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada has vested more authority in its provinces when it comes to selecting new immigrants, making the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) more influential than ever before. In fact, certain provincial nominations can provide a substantial 600-point boost to your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score! Most PNP streams are not integrated with Express Entry and are referred to as ‘base’ PNP streams. But fear not, as the PNP Live Tracker offers a tool to assist you in identifying the most suitable option for your journey.

Quebec Skilled Worker

For those aspiring to immigrate to Quebec as skilled workers, the Quebec Skilled Worker program offers a promising avenue. While proficiency in the French language is a selection criterion, even individuals with limited or no French proficiency may still qualify. Excitingly, Quebec has recently announced plans to significantly increase its immigration levels over the next three years, with a heightened focus on skilled workers. This translates into numerous opportunities for individuals to establish Quebec as their new home, even without extensive French language skills.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot has achieved considerable success since its inception three years ago. In fact, the admission target has been doubled, underscoring its popularity and effectiveness. This pilot program opens up additional avenues for newcomers in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. If you are contemplating settling in this picturesque region, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot might be the perfect route to realize your dream of becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

Other Economic Pilots

– The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot serves as an excellent option for skilled workers interested in residing and working in participating rural and northern communities. This pilot program aims to address labor market demands and attract skilled individuals to bolster local economies.

– Another noteworthy pilot program is the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, specially designed for agricultural and food production workers. This program acknowledges the vital role of these industries in Canada and provides opportunities for individuals possessing the requisite skills and experience to immigrate and contribute to this crucial sector.

– If you have experience as a caregiver, the Caregiver Pilot Programs offer a tailored pathway for you. These programs are intended to facilitate experienced caregivers’ permanent immigration to Canada, whether they have experience as home childcare providers or home support workers. These programs present caregivers with an opportunity to become Canadian permanent residents.

These economic pilot programs offer unique pathways for individuals with specific skills and experiences to establish Canada as their new home. By exploring these Canadian immigration choices, you can significantly enhance your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada and realizing your dream of becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream addresses Canada’s growing demand for international talent. This program enables Canadian employers to expedite the hiring of highly skilled foreign workers in as little as 10 days. Through the Global Talent Stream, you can swiftly secure a work permit and commence contributing to Canada’s thriving economy. Whether you possess expertise in technology, engineering, or other in-demand fields, this pathway can pave the way for a rewarding career in Canada. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and make a valuable contribution to Canada’s workforce.

IEC & Recognized Organizations

Citizens of the United States, India, Brazil, Ecuador, China, Iceland, Pakistan, Singapore, and Uganda can obtain a Canadian work permit via the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. This initiative permits young individuals from these countries to reside and work in Canada for a predetermined duration. If you hail from one of these nations, the IEC program might serve as your gateway to Canada, offering valuable work experience and the chance to explore a new country.

Intra-Company Transfer

The Intra-Company Transfer represents an excellent choice for individuals already employed by a company with an office, branch, or affiliate in Canada. This category of work permit allows you to relocate to Canada swiftly and seamlessly, without the complexities associated with the Express Entry system. If your employer maintains a presence in Canada, you can leverage this pathway to commence your new journey in the Great White North. Therefore, if you aspire to turn your dreams of working in Canada into reality, the Intra-Company Transfer option may prove to be an ideal fit.


The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is another avenue to explore if Express Entry has not been conducive to your immigration goals. Also known as “employer sponsorship,” this route enables tens of thousands of individuals to immigrate to Canada annually. To qualify for an LMIA, you must possess a job offer from an employer who has been unable to locate a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position locally. If you meet these criteria, the LMIA route could offer the solution you seek to establish Canada as your new home.

Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada unveils a world of opportunities for those aspiring to attain permanent residence status. With a study permit, you can pursue your educational aspirations, bring your family along, and even engage in part-time employment. Upon completing your studies, you gain the option to apply for a post-graduation work permit, permitting you to stay and work in Canada over the long term. Furthering your education in Canada serves as a stepping stone toward realizing your Canadian immigration dreams. So, why not consider studying in Canada and exploring the various pathways to transform it into your permanent home?


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