​​​​​​Make a sponsorship or residency obligation appeal, appeal a removal order, respond to a Minister’s appeal, find information on legal representation, prepare your case, share documents, or attend an alternative dispute resolution meeting.​

You can appeal if you sponsored a family member and their application for a permanent residence visa was refused

You may be able to appeal if you have received a removal order. A removal order can be received after an examination by an immigration officer or an admissibility hearing before the IRB’s Immigration Division

You could make a residency obligation appeal if you applied, while you were overseas, to a Canadian visa office for a travel document and your application was refused

An Immigration Appeals lawyer in Toronto recognizes that when the Immigration Division renders a decision in your favour and allows you to stay in Canada, the Minister of Public Safety can appeal to the IAD because they disagree with that decision. Your role is to respond to this appeal

What you can expect if you are scheduled for an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) meeting. This type of conference is only held for specific files Documents can be part of the evidence you present for your appeal. Find step-by-step instructions for how to share documents Find helpful information on how to prepare for the most common types of appeals​ ​​Learn who can represent you at your hearing, understand the differences between paid and unpaid counsel, and how to tell the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) about your representative​.

If you have received a removal order, you may be able to appeal the decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) to stay in Canada.

These steps explain how to get started with your removal order appeal after:

  • an admissibility hearing of the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board, or
  • an examination by an immigration officer

 You can appeal if you received a removal order and:

  • you are a permanent resident of Canada, or
  • you are a foreign national with a permanent resident visa, or
  • you are a Convention Refugee or Protected Person

If you are a person described above, you cannot appeal if you were found inadmissible to Canada for one of these reasons:

  • being convicted of a crime that was punished in Canada with a sentence of six months or more in a Canadian prison
  • committing or being convicted of a crime outside Canada that would be punished in Canada by a maximum prison term of ten years or more
  • being involved in organized crime (for example, by smuggling people or laundering money)
  • being a security threat (for example, by trying to overthrow a government or taking part in terrorism)
  • violating human or international rights (for example, by committing war crimes)

Immigration appeals are public.

An Immigration Appeals lawyer knows that members of the public can attend most immigration appeal hearings. Information you used in your appeal may appear in the IAD’s written decision. In addition, the decision may be published on an official website about legal choices. If a public or media member asks for a copy of the documents in your appeal, the IAD will provide one.

This cannot happen only when you or the Minister’s Counsel have asked for and obtained a confidentiality order. This can occur in exceptional circumstances, for example, if your or your child’s safety can be at risk.

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