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Parent Sponsorship program

By October 10, 2022 November 21st, 2022 No Comments

Family reunification is essential to Canadians and plays a vital role in our immigration system. We also recognize that reuniting parents and grandparents with their families in Canada contributes significantly to our communities. Therefore, Canada is set to accept up to 15,000 applications for its family reunification program by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) this year for sponsorship under the parents and grandparents program. It allows Canadian citizens to reunite with their families by bringing them to the country as permanent residents. Invitations will be sent to 23,100 interested potential sponsors of the Parent Sponsorship program.

Sponsorship of a parent or grandparent’s immigration to Canada is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. If approved under this scheme, parents and grandparents will acquire permanent residency in Canada and may eventually be eligible to apply for citizenship. 

What are the eligibility criteria to sponsor parents in Canada?

The following conditions must be satisfied for someone to sponsor their parents and grandparents.

  • The age of the sponsor must be 18 or above that
  • You must be a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident, or a person who the Canadian Government has recognized 
  • In addition, you must have sufficient financial documentation (MNI) to support the members you sponsor

The following situations prevent someone from sponsoring a parent or grandparent:

  • If you are under 18 years old
  • You are not a resident of Canada at the time of the parent or grandparents application for sponsorship or when the parent or grandparent is sponsored and moves to Canada permanently
  • A potential sponsor must be located in Canada at the time of application and until a decision is made
  • You hold a valid visa or permission and are a temporary resident who is exploring, studying, or employed in Canada

How long does the sponsorship program take?

The entire process of processing a Parent Sponsorship program application takes around a year. However, according to the complexity of your case, processing times can vary from 12 months to longer.

Your application can take longer if you have a challenging situation or the immigration officer needs further evidence of your relationship. Getting everything right the first time is the most excellent approach to guarantee that your sponsorship application is approved as promptly as possible. 

How to apply for the Parent Sponsorship Program?

If you’re invited to apply to sponsor your parents and grandparents, there are two applications:

There are two forms you can submit if you’re asked to sponsor your parents and grandparents:

  • A sponsorship application is required.
  • You must submit a permanent residency application on behalf of your parents or grandparents.
  • Application for sponsorship and application for permanent residency should be submitted online simultaneously.
  • The application deadline is December 24, 2022, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

How do I find out whether my parents qualify for the Parent Sponsorship program?

Your parents and their dependents must submit the following to prove they are eligible:
Their medical examination is required
Police Certificates are a must
Biometrics will be done. 

What If You Receive An Invitation?

You will only have 60 days after receiving an invitation to apply to submit your sponsorship application to the Case Processing Centre in Ottawa or using the Permanent Resident Digital Intake tool. The latter enables the electronic submission of applications. Therefore, make sure you have all of your documentation on hand following the list provided by the Immigration Department, which includes the following documentation:

You would need proof of Canadian citizenship, such as a passport, citizenship certificate, or the sponsor’s PR card.
Birth certificate of the sponsor
Sponsor’s income documentation
Passports of the applicant

Are you struggling to invite your parents to Canada? 

We understand the process of sponsoring your parents to Canada can be challenging. But your Immigration lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld is here to make this process hassle-free. We handle all immigration cases, sponsoring programs, and Express Entry to Business Applications and Enforcement effortlessly. We represent customers from all around the world. You can connect with us at 647-249-7976.

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