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Break the PR Queue: Canada is Inviting Caregivers on Open Work Permits

By June 18, 2022 June 22nd, 2022 No Comments

In unprecedented moves, Canada is inviting caregivers from around the world. The programs have are very accessible and offer an open work permit. In fact, if you are a caregiver, you have a very real chance of becoming a Canadian permanent resident within a few years.

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An open work permit is a great opportunity to come to Canada. It gives you the freedom to work for any employer and bring your family to Canada. Moreover, with an open work permit your employer does not even need to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment. This means, whether you are looking to come as a caregiver Canada or for Canada nanny jobs, you are in a very strong position.

Open Work Permit for Caregivers

As of 18 June 2019 Canada has been trying out two new caregiver programs: Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot. Under these programs, caregivers can come and work on an open work permit. These are 5-year pilots programs and may or may not be renewed.

Therefore, there is a great opportunity, but a small time frame in which to apply.

Advantages of these programs

  • Open work permits give you freedom to work for different employers
  • Employers are not required to go through an LMIA
  • You can bring your family to Canada
  • Caregivers can become permanent residents
  • Work experience will be counted towards your permanent resident application

Requirements and conditions

  • You must meet requirements for work experience, language and education
  • A valid and legitimate job offer in a qualifying occupation is required
  • Under the caregiver programs, you are not permitted to live in Quebec as a permanent resident

Do you think you meet the requirements for an open work permit for Canada nanny jobs or as a caregiver Canada? Speak to a Toronto immigration lawyer to get started with your application.

Type of employment (NOC Code)

Qualifying work experience and your job offer must come under the following National Occupation Classification codes:

NOC4411 – Home child care provider

NOC 4412 – Home support worker

Both NOC codes provide extensive responsibilities for caregivers. In the instance of child care, people with titles such as babysitter, nanny or even parent’s helper are eligible. Similarly, for support workers, titles such as housekeeper, personal care attendant – home care, and family caregiver are examples of the kind of skills that are sought.

The NOC codes and their descriptions open a wide door for the kind of caregiver Canada wants. However, you will be occupation-restricted. For example, you can’t come as a caregiver and then change your occupation to, say, a software consultant. To understand what the specifics of the occupation restriction are, get in touch with our immigration lawyer Toronto.

What does a caregiver do?

Caregiving is a very important job. Thousands of people rely on professionals who can support them in times of healing, childbirth or with disability. Also, as people are leading longer lives, the demand for caregivers has increased significantly.

Here are some common responsibilities of caregivers.

  • Helping with personal care
  • Administering medication on time
  • Providing transportation and mobility
  • Babysitting and feeding
  • Raising children
  • Helping mothers recover from childbirth
  • Being emotional pillars in times of difficulty

The exact responsibilities of a caregiver cannot be listed exhaustively. Every person has different needs and, thus, caregivers must take on different roles.

How can a nanny come to Canada?

There are many Canada nanny jobs that are available. With parents working longer hours and resuming work soon after childbirth, the demand for nannies is very high. People also realize that nannies can bring fresh perspective and cultural understanding to their child’s growth. With the immigration pilot program that has been started, Canada nanny jobs are now very much open to babysitters and nannies around the world.

To look for Canada nanny jobs, scour agencies from your country or in Canada, those that are reputed for providing long term occupation. There are also many websites that connect Canada nanny jobs with qualified and experienced nannies. Best of all, your employer will not have to go through an LMIA to employ you – take a big worry off your shoulders.

With a job offer in hand, and meeting the requirements under the caregiver program, you can come as a nanny to Canada. You will not be tied to The work permit you will be given will not tie you down to one employer. You can seek alternative employment, so long as it is within the NOC code under which you applied.

How do I get a caregiver visa for Canada?

It has become very possible to get a caregiver visa for Canada since the caregiver program was started. Moreover, the country has been able to attract highly skilled caregiver Canada needs. Speak to a trusted Toronto immigration lawyer about your caregiver visa. It is essential that you application be perfect, else it can get you in trouble with immigration officials.

To come as a caregiver Canada is looking for, you must ensure:

  • You have certificates for your educational qualifications (and these have been evaluated by an accredited agency)
  • Your language skills should be sufficient to pass tests for English (or French) required by the caregiver program
  • Work experience you have meets or exceeds that required by the caregiver program

All this information is necessary for you to be eligible to apply as a caregiver Canada. However, with the help of an experienced Toronto immigration lawyer, you will be able to present it in the right way too.

What kind of care giving experience do I need?

To be eligible for the caregiver open work permit, there is a strict minimum experience requirement. As the CIC states, ‘You must have at least 24 months of full-time work experience in Canada in the 36 months before you apply.’

Furthermore, some other conditions for the caregiver programs are:

  • Full-time means 30 hours of work per week
  • You don’t need to have worked for 24 consecutive months
  • Qualifying work experience must be in one of the jobs; you cannot mix and match jobs
  • You must have been responsible for most of these duties
  • Experience as a full-time student will not count