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Criminal and family cases are each filed with the Ontario Court of Justice. You can access the files at the Court Services Division desk, where your matter is being processed. In addition, Ontario court addresses are posted on the Attorney General’s website. Records include information such as the date and Court of the next court appearance or the clerk or judge who last appeared. Suppose you have been charged with a criminal offence and request disclosure of details of a criminal case. In that case, you or your legal representative should contact the public prosecutor’s office during the court hearing. We represent clients in all stages of litigation (sometimes referred to as the “appeals process”), including the Federal Circuit, Federal Courts, Immigration Appeals Division, Immigration Division, Refugee Protection Division, and Refugee Appeals Division.

At our law firm, we are proud to be one of the premier law firms dealing with denials such as family class, deportation, residency, citizenship and refugee issues. This section has covered some primary considerations for the Federal Court of Justice.

Each district has a corresponding United States Attorney appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The 93 federal prosecutors lead each of the 94 sections (Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands have one federal prosecutor).

There are 13 Courts of Appeal, also known as the Court of Appeals, and they report to the United States Supreme Court. The job of the Court of Appeals is to determine whether the law was correctly applied in the first instance. The Court of Appeal has three judges and does not use a jury.

The Federal Court of Appeal is an itinerant binaural court that hears cases in English and French in eighteen (18) cities, from Vancouver to St. John’s, including locations in the North. The countrywide mission of the Court is intended to ensure that federal legislation is applied uniformly and consistently across the country while considering the private law in the province or territory where the litigation arises.

Federal Court Filings lawyer understands that the Federal Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear appeals from judgments of the Federal Court and the Tax Court of Canada. In addition, the Court has jurisdiction to hear judicial review applications concerning seventeen (17) federal boards and tribunals listed under section 28 of the Federal Courts Act. It also hears appeals under a variety of other federal legislation.

The appeals heard by the Federal Court of Appeal deal with issues stemming from complex, specialized and often innovative areas of law. Among other things, the Court has jurisdiction to hear disputes regarding tax law, maritime law, immigration law, Aboriginal law, prison law, social law, aeronautics, intellectual property and national security. It also oversees the most significant administrative law caseload in Canada as the Court responsible for the judicial review of the federal administration. The questions of law determined by the Federal Court of Appeal significantly impact the evolution of Canadian law. In most cases, it acts as the final arbiter in cases brought before it.

Federal Court Filings lawyer in Toronto knows that the Federal Court of Appeal is composed of one chief justice and twelve (12) puisne judges. There are currently eleven (11) full-time judges and four (4) redundant judges of the Federal Court of Appeal. The Governor in Council appoints the judges of the Court.

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