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Spousal sponsorship to Canada to become faster from 2020

By June 3, 2022 June 11th, 2022 No Comments

In a welcome move, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has decided to fast-track spousal sponsorship applications in the last quarter of the calendar year; despite the global pandemic having severely disrupted their operations throughout the year. Around 18,000 applicants are set to receive a definitive answer by the end of the year.


Complete spousal sponsorship faster

According to Canadian laws, Canadian nationals and Canadian permanent residency holders can apply for spousal sponsorship to officially sponsor their spouse, conjugal partner or even common-law partner. They have recruited heavily to add people in their team to evaluate and review higher volumes of applications; which would also trim down the Canada spouse visa processing time significantly.

Other improvements which the IRCC is currently trying to incorporate and implement include; digitising paper-based or physical applications to facilitate their remote processing with video conferencing technology also being rapidly implemented to conduct remote interviews with applicants and to uphold COVID-19 rules and regulations, as prescribed by the government. Since biometrics have become imperative in modern-day documentation procedures, the IRCC is also working to incorporate biometric procedures which can be carried out in accordance with the stipulated safety protocols.

For the last few years, Canadian authorities have been processing nearly 70,000 applications annually, but this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, approximately 50,000 applications are set to be processed by the end of the year. This is still an impressive number in current circumstances and reflects the will of the present dispensation to reunite couples and families.

What makes the spousal sponsorship provision of Canada special is the flexibility it affords you; since a marital relationship is not the only way to get a Canadian permanent residency. For instance, ‘Common Law-partner’ refers to an adult who has been living with you continually for a year.

The Canadian system’s compassionate approach is also reflected by the ‘Conjugal Partner’ provision which allows Canadian nationals or permanent residents to sponsor a non-Canadian national; with whom they have been in a relationship for more than a year. However, under this provision, it is imperative for you to furnish proof or justification as to why you were opting to settle down in Canada and also why you couldn’t settle down in your significant other’s country of residence. This provision makes it plausible for victims of social, religious and class-based persecution; to start a new life together with their loved one.

The route of spousal sponsorship to Canada is also one of the most popular methods employed by foreign nationals to acquire a Canadian permanent residency certificate and the programme is universally lauded for its inclusive approach as same-sex couples are also covered under the spousal sponsorship provisions. ImmigrationWay’s reputed immigration lawyers in Toronto are here to assist with spousal sponsorship services.

If you’re a Canadian national or permanent resident and you wish to bring your spouse to Canada, then both you, the ‘sponsor’, as well your spouse, the ‘sponsored person’, need to receive formal approval from the IRCC. You also need to furnish proof that you can financially support your sponsored person along with yourself, for a period of three years, since during that period you’re legally accountable for their financial requirements.